3D Bathroom & Kitchen Designer

Designing beautiful spaces accurately and quickly is important if you want to grow your business.

Pen and paper is a legacy system that is time consuming and doesn’t allow your customers to easily visualize the finished product.

Keeping up to date with the latest technologies is necessary in order to fulfill your customers’ needs and stay competitive.

3D software programs can be difficult to master for your costumers while not all design software gives you access to the catalogs you need and accurate pricing and quoting can be a challenge as well.

3D Bathroom& Kitchen Designer is a smart way to reach your customers and giving them an elegant tool which enable them building their designs using your products, also you have the power of building your designs and offer them to your customers as presets as a marketing channel.


3D Bathroom& Kitchen Designer is a mix of simplicity, fun and effectiveness, unleash your visitors' creativity and converting them to customers.

Please change video quality settings to 720p HD for best view.

Why you need this application

  • You can integrate it in your website as a design tool for the salesmen all over the world.
  • Gives more visibility to your catalogue.
  • Sure all your catalogue are available to all distributors, as an online showroom.
  • Increases traffic on your website and Facebook page.
  • Engages the End-user convincing him/her to get in touch with the showroom nearby ( you can use order system and pass the order to one of your distributors).
  • Gives you useful stats on the way people use your items while designing.

3D Bathroom & Kitchen Designer Features

100% online

100% online

3D Bathroom & Kitchen Designer is 100% online tool work on all modern browsers :

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 11

no need to install new software or special plug-ins.

3d render preview online

3D render preview online

Real-time 3D render view:

  • Ability to rotate the design 360 degree.
  • Zooming feature.
  • Top view one place to see all changes on it to facilitate the process of designing.
ceramic porcelain wall floor drawings

Ceramic - Porcelain wall/floor drawings

Offer drawings with your tiles for walls and floor reflect your marketing goals of predefined styles by you, our drawing wizard will help your customer through easy steps to choose the drawing and tiles with their preferences.



Our calculator gives estimated number for :

  • Tiles need for customer design includes "Walls, Floor, and ceil"
  • Total items used in scene.
  • Estimated price for all material used in scene.

Presets designs

Offering presets design chosen by you for your customers, with this features you can lead your customers buying your predefined designs easily.



Statistics for your application such as :

  • How many customers visit the application.
  • Number of using model in customer designs for each model.
  • Number of using per preset.
  • How many design submission by customers.

Collect customers contacts info

Collect customers data to follow with them later on such as :

  • Name.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address.
  • Job.......etc


The application is multi-language and will be prepared up on your preferences.

So you can make it easy for visitors to the website to find content in the language they are most comfortable with.


Customer accounts

Customer will have their accounts with user name and password.

So they can save their designs to be used later for modifications or continue their designs.

Even they can submit their designs to administrator to order such material.

Looking for our powerful and affordable 3D Bathroom & Kitchen Designer